Summertime has FINALLY arrived here in Central Oregon.  And we have been BUSY!  Late nights, weekend getaways, hiking with friends in from out of town, oh my!

So this past weekend, we went to the black sheep gathering in Eugene and I took my first spinning class with my brand spanking new matchless wheel.  I can’t say I was impressed with the class at all, even though the instructor is supposed to be an amazing spinner.  She didn’t really “teach” and I felt like it was really just an expensive version of a local spinning circle.

Soooo, after 6 hours of trying to spin, I didn’t really feel like I was getting anywhere, didn’t know anything new aboout how to go about spinning different thicknesses of yarn, or how to set up my wheel to do that, or how to stop over-twisting! ARGH!  But almost magically upon returning home it seemed to catch and I am now dreaming about spinning!

The sheep were adorable, and I’m thinking a couple of shetlands might fit in the backyard….. But first! ~Chris is hard at work on the rabbit hutches and I have an angora bunny living in my laundry room.

I think I really missed the best parts of the BSG because I had all the kids with me, so I’m thinking maybe a retreat next time.  I hear there is one over in the San Juan Islands, so that may be just the ticket!  I LOVE it over there and I’m just a tad sad we won’t be vacationing there this summer.  But instead, we’re spending 2 weeks in Montana in August, followed by a week-long midwifery retreat  in September for me and we’re trying to squeeze in a week  in Newport as well.  And I REALLLLY want to go to Orlando to see the harry potter extravaganza at universal.  But I’m just not sure the money is going to stretch THAT far!   Especially because I have a goal of paying for a month long internship in the Philippines next summer.  Priorities, priorities.

In knitting news, I have my first pair of socks OTN!  And man, it is slow going,  even on a size 2 needle!  I’m knitting them 1 at a time on a 9in circ.  And I bought 3 skeins of sock yarn at BSG.  I’d like to make a cowl too.  One that is kind of lacy & pulls up over the top of your head.  I’ll have to hunt down a pattern.  Something easy. 🙂  Patterns are hard for me.  I need brainless knitting with 5 loud kids in the house, one that is only 4 months old and usually being held while I knit!