May Flowers Swap Package

I received a great package from Jennifer yesterday.  Funny enough she sent me more Jil Eaton minnow merino, which is the same yarn I received in the last swap!  It’s a washable single, and this time in a lovely turquoise color.  I already have plans for it~ kid mittens!

Also in the package~

an awesome vanilla mint lip balm, which I’ve already tried out & love.  Can’t get enough lip balm around here! A vanilla scented candle, some coffee which I’ll soon be trying out in the moka pot.  It’s from world market, and I’ve been wondering about their coffee, so I’m so happy she sent it for me to try!  What else….pretty ribbons, G&B chocolate, seeds for a flower garden, the prettiest little journal, a postcard & magnet from TN. A neato flower pen & a pretty little flowered bag which didn’t make the photo, it’s already out in the truck with stuff in it!

I have to say, my favorite thing about this package was the awesome box it came in!  Can you see the flowered paper?  So pretty!


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