Baby Things

I think I currently have 3 separate pairs of longies OTN and for some reason just don’t want to finish them.  Combine that with the 12 newborn cloth diapers I need to finish and I feel like I’m drowning in things that need to get done.  Did I mention I’m quickly approaching 37 weeks pregnant?  Oh lordy, why don’t I have a crafty mother or mother in law near by?The Newborn Longies~ Knit on Size 6 12in circs.  I LOVE these things!

Last Minute Baby Blanket in the softest baby alpaca ever!  Unfortunately this stuff was spendy and I still need two more hanks to finish it up.  I love the colors in this yarn though, and the camera really doesn’t do it justice.

More longies, these are on size 8 circs, 16in for the body & 12in for the legs.  These are super quick, IMO, so why oh why don’t I want to finish them?!?

Again on 8s, I loved the color combo of these two yarns, a spicy selection of mustard & paprika!


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